The study of a grown up girl who still loves playing dress up

The study of a grown up girl who still loves to play dress up

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bright & Cheery OOTD

Hello readers! Today I posed for my OOTD photo in my backyard, despite the bone chilling wind. I think I made my pledge to take outdoor photos a tab prematurely!

Boots: Anthropologie Gilgarran Boots

Ideally, I wouldn't have paired these boots with this dress, but they were the closest to the door. I'm a really lazy dresser. I just wear whatever is clean and easily accessible. It takes me 15 minutes tops to get ready in the morning and that's child/husband related interruptions. Before children I was pretty high maintenance, but I've streamlined my routine over the years. ;)

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Why, Hello There!

It's been over a month since the last night I posted. It's been way too long! I've been busy with sick kiddos, skiiing kiddos, and kiddos on February vacation!

I've decided to start taking my OOTD pictures outdoors. The lighting in my house is pretty awful and it's a pain to try to get shots that are detailed enough to post. I only have Photoshop on the family computer downstairs in the basement, so it's essentially impossible to do any photo editing unless I want to freeze my tail off. ;)

Cardigan: Gap
Scarf: Gap
Belt: Anthropologie
Dress: Anthropologie Tiny Windows Dress
Boots: Anthropologie Gilgarran Boots

I'll now leave you with my favorite shot from the photoshoot I did on Sunday. It's up the agency which photos they choose, but I'm hoping they'll like this one:

Cardigan: Gap
Dress: Anthropologie Pom Shift Dress
Belt: Gap

Photography by Krystle Crossman
Makeup by Lora Parmenter