The study of a grown up girl who still loves playing dress up

The study of a grown up girl who still loves to play dress up

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Husband Hates My OOTD

Today was a much needed day of relaxation. I spent the morning talking to a dear friend on the phone and spent the afternoon drinking coffee and being mall rats with another. I am so grateful that I have such fabulous friends.

Dress: Anthropologie Oratory Dress - $59.95
Shirt: Abercrombie and Fitch - $20.00
Belt: Anthropologie Checkerboard Belt - $10.00
Tights: Charlotte Russe - $7.50 (Buy them here)
Shoes: Charlotte Russe - $10.00

Married Folks Dialogue of the Day (also known as MFDOTD):

Me: "What do you think my outfit? I totally look like a toddler in a jumper, don't I? 
Husband: "What do YOU think of your outfit?"
Me: "I love it! I own my toddlerness... My toddlerability. It's totally me!"
Husband: Raises eyebrows skeptically

And that, my friends, is your MFDOTD!

Thanks again for tuning in for my ramblings and photos. If you like my blog, please tell a friend!

Monday, November 29, 2010

On Camera OOTD

Today was the last day of my acting workshop and I got to go on camera for the first time since my fifth grade birthday party! I think I did well and I got very positive feedback from my acting instructor and group. I'm a happy girl tonight. :)

I haven't been posting as frequently as I would like to because of the holidays, family birthdays, and other recent momligations, but I promise to blog more! Ideally, I would like post most weekdays. Now that I have said it publicly perhaps I will actually do it!

Don't mind my orb, please. It was past my photographer's bedtime, so I wasn't picky about my photos. :P

Cardigan: Gap - $40.00
Dress: Anthropologie Grand Cru Dress - $80.00
Tights: George brand from Walmart - $5.00
Shoes: Charlotte Russe - $10.00

As you have noticed, I am kind of obsessed with my cheap shoes from Charlotte Russe. I love them and could literally wear them every day of the week. Sometimes I actually do. I'm crazy for cap toe ballet flats and am planning on grabbing a pair of these from eBay with my birthday money:

J. Crew Abby Flats

Also on the top of my wishlist is a pair of flat, brown boots. I'm looking at a couple different styles from Frye and I'm definitely lusting after these babies from Anthro:

Which do you like better? Do you know of any great boots I need to see? I welcome all suggestions!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Super Sick Tuesday

I am feeling absolutely terrible today. I'm stuffed up and so dizzy that I can only stand for a few seconds at a time before my head starts spinning right round, right round... and that's not a good thing!

Top: Ralph Lauren Outlet - $50.00
Skirt: American Eagle - $20.00
Tights: George brand (from Walmart) - $5.00
Shoes: Report - $49.00
Necklace: Made today in kindergarten by my sweet son, Grant - Priceless

Bonus quote from my mom in lieu of sartorial content:

Me: "Ma, how do I look? I need to look good because I am going to be on camera tonight..."
Mom: (Squints eyes and analyzes every millimeter of my face with extreme scrutiny) "I guess you look... okay. Are you not supposed to look that good?"
Me: "I am supposed to look my absolute best actually..."
Mom: "If you had fake eyelashes, you would be beautiful."
Me: "Mmm... Thanks?"

...Just now she said to me: "Bunny, why is your skirt so short?" (Note: I am practically 30 years old!) And that, folks, is your first edition of Sh*t My Thai Mom Says!

Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm Back!

I barely posted last week! I had one sick son, one son who turned 9 yesterday, and a house that wasn't ready for birthday festivities, so that left nary a moment to blog.

Tonight I have my acting workshop. It's held at a local talent agency, in a room that is normally hot as hell, hence why I never bother wearing sweaters there!

Dress: Anthropologie Two Wheeler Shirtdress - $59.95
Belt: Gap Outlet - $0 (as it came attached to another dress)
Tights: Walmart, George brand - $5.00
Shoes: Charlotte Russe - $10.00

One of the benefits of busting my ass all week last week is that my place is guest ready for Thanksgiving. I will probably wear my Dagmar Shirtdress on Turkey Day...

What will you be wearing?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Acting Workshop OOTD

Today was a pretty mellow day filled with the much of the usual. I did go to Walmart, which I've decided is more enjoyable than I was previously willing to admit because no one cares what kind of language you use there! Walmart is were I go to vent, use expletives, and buy laundry detergent (and tights apparently). On this day, I was shopping for my oldest son's birthday and much of my week will entail cleaning up for his Sunday birthday party.

About a month or so ago, I thought I would try acting. Tonight was the second night of a four part acting workshop I'm attending. FYI: I'm not a very serious person. I don't think I could ever call myself an actress. I'm just a normal person who is trying to act basically.  :)

This is what I wore:

Dress: Anthropologie Vappu Dress - $59.95
Shirt: American Eagle (circa 2006) - $17.00
Sash: J. Crew (circa 2008) - $10.00
Tights: Unknown brand, purchased from Walmart in a two-pack - $3.50
Shoes: Charlotte Russe - $10.00

I got a request from a reader for me to list prices of the things I wear. I didn't realize until I started this blog that I am a rather thrifty shopper. I've gotten a lot of encouraging feedback about my "personal style" (again, I am too silly to view myself as a "fashionista" of sorts, much like I'll never call myself an "actress") and the blog in general. I thank every one of you from the bottom of my heart!

<3 Lyzi

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hot Mess Morning, Brownies Ceremony, and Lia Sophia Party OOTD

I had a pretty craptacular morning. The whole family overslept and I let the kids stay home from school and chill in their pajamas all day! Normally, I would have just brought everyone in late, but it was TEN O' CLOCK when we all finally woke up. I subsequently spent the rest of my morning/afternoon being upset with myself. Mommy guilt is a bitch.

This afternoon my daughter had a ceremony for Brownies and I also had a Lia Sophia party to attend later on in the evening. In other words, I was forced to make myself somewhat socially acceptable. This is what I wore:

Cardigan: Gap
Top: J. Crew
Belt: Anthropologie
Skirt: J. Crew
Tights: George brand, from Walmart
Shoes: Charlotte Russe

My hair is a hot mess because it's literally the same ponytail I rocked yesterday and slept in all night! I really envy people that (1) have beautiful hair and (2) have the patience to create beautiful hair. I also feel compelled to say the fact that I fixed the red eye on my son and not myself rather amusing.

I think the top I'm wearing is the Calista cami. Does anyone else have this or something similar and if so how do you keep the pleats looking neat and tidy? Mine are totally jacked up and I'm not sure if it can be helped or not... It pains me to admit that I (or rather, my darling husband) paid full price for this and it's not my ideal size.

If you are curious what I bought from the Lia Sophia party, I got three pairs of earrings. They are herehere (I got the silver), and here. I'm also having my own party in January. Sweet, right?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The World Needs More Blazers (And By "The World" I Mean Me)

When I wake up unusually tired or perhaps not in the brightest of moods, I like to wear something in a beautiful color or no fail silhouette. Today I'm donning my gorgeous green Secret Treasures Dress. I really love the color green, from kelly to the deepest forest hue. Green is also my husband's favorite color, so I gravitate toward it for more reasons than one!

Blazer: Victoria's Secret
Dress: Anthropologie Secret Treasures Dress
Belt: Anthropologie Infinity Belt
Tights: George brand, from Walmart
Shoes: Nine West, from

Pay no attention to my Asian baby hurrs in this picture. I'd woke up literally 20 minutes before taking this photo and got the kids up and ready for school within that time. I brush my teeth, wash my face, slap on a little concealer and mascara, grab what hopefully will turn out to be a cute (and not terribly socially unacceptable) outfit, and I'm out the door.

A few of my wishlist items went on sale last night, but I'm resisting until at least next week. I love to shop, but I would say that I adhere to my budget pretty strictly. I also only buy on sale. Yes, every Anthro item I buy has to be on sale. If the item I'm lusting after is sold out by the time I'm ready to buy, I just let it go. Feel free to envision something poetic like balloons floating gently into the clouds. The thing about Anthropologie is that they're constantly pumping out beautiful, timeless pieces in addition to their more whimsical ones... and I'm cheap and patient enough to wait it out. :)

The #1 item I'd like to snag from this week's sale is the Kindred Spirit Sweaterdress:

Did you get any sweet deals from this week's sale?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tiny Windows Dress Conundrum?

I am supposed to be on a "no buy" because my birthday is next month and I plan on spoiling myself a bit with my b-day discount from Anthropologie...  That was until my very adorable friend, Bethany, called from her local store with what ended up being a $20 Lynx & Leo Dress (marked down from $138). After some gentle insistence that this dress was AMAZING (online pictures don't do it justice, she said) I conceded and she snapped it up for me. It was nice to be thought of. Thank you, Bethany!

I won't even lie. I am completely intrigued by the combination of ivory fabric/metallic threading/corset top.

Her local store also had a Tiny Windows Dress (originally $118) in the coral colorway. Did I mention it's on second cut for $30? My super sensitive Anthro shopper sense leads me to believe that this item will receive its third and final cut ($20 sale price) two Tuesdays from now, making me eligible for a price adjustment if I were to pull the trigger. If my shopping senses happen to be deceiving me, $30 is still an amazing price.

There's a problem though... I bought the Tiny Windows Dress in July in the lavender colorway.... Should I get this:

...if I already have this?

What do you think, y'all?

Bonus picture:

Me in my dearly beloved J. Crew Alpine Gramercy Coat, rockin' a fivehead. The photographer was my littlest son, Grant.

Here it is on the model:

Thank you for reading my blog!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Toddlers Envy My Styyyyle

I wish I were made of money, because if I were I'd have the most bomb ass closet on the planet. Until I win Powerball, my very generous husband sets aside some "fun money" for me that I usually use to update my wardrobe.

This week I bought an Anthropologie Traced Twirls Dress in the rare blue colorway from a sweet gal on Roxy's Effortless Anthropologie Trade Market.

I don't think it will look as gorgeous on me as it did on Anjali of Goldenmeans in her birthday post, but then again, her outfits are always perfection!

Now for today's OOTD!

Cardigan: Gap (circa 2008)
Dress: Rodarte for Target, purchased from eBay
Belt: Anthropologie Infinity Belt
Tights: George, from Walmart
Shoes: Coach (circa 2006)

I look like a toddler with a bad atittude in this photograph.......... and I love it. :D

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Democratic Blue OOTD

I had a busy weekend with the family and that didn't leave me with any free time to post in my brand new blog. My sincere apologies.

This is what I'm wearing today:

Cardigan: Anthropologie Breezy Polkas
T-shirt: Charlotte Russe
Skirt: AE (circa 2007)
Tights: Unknown brand, purchased from Walmart in a two-pack
Boots: Aldo (circa 2007)

Have I ever mentioned that colored tights make my heart sing? Because they do!

Bonus picture of the world's most adorable Clone Trooper, tutu wearing kitty cat, and skeleton!