The study of a grown up girl who still loves playing dress up

The study of a grown up girl who still loves to play dress up

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The World Needs More Blazers (And By "The World" I Mean Me)

When I wake up unusually tired or perhaps not in the brightest of moods, I like to wear something in a beautiful color or no fail silhouette. Today I'm donning my gorgeous green Secret Treasures Dress. I really love the color green, from kelly to the deepest forest hue. Green is also my husband's favorite color, so I gravitate toward it for more reasons than one!

Blazer: Victoria's Secret
Dress: Anthropologie Secret Treasures Dress
Belt: Anthropologie Infinity Belt
Tights: George brand, from Walmart
Shoes: Nine West, from

Pay no attention to my Asian baby hurrs in this picture. I'd woke up literally 20 minutes before taking this photo and got the kids up and ready for school within that time. I brush my teeth, wash my face, slap on a little concealer and mascara, grab what hopefully will turn out to be a cute (and not terribly socially unacceptable) outfit, and I'm out the door.

A few of my wishlist items went on sale last night, but I'm resisting until at least next week. I love to shop, but I would say that I adhere to my budget pretty strictly. I also only buy on sale. Yes, every Anthro item I buy has to be on sale. If the item I'm lusting after is sold out by the time I'm ready to buy, I just let it go. Feel free to envision something poetic like balloons floating gently into the clouds. The thing about Anthropologie is that they're constantly pumping out beautiful, timeless pieces in addition to their more whimsical ones... and I'm cheap and patient enough to wait it out. :)

The #1 item I'd like to snag from this week's sale is the Kindred Spirit Sweaterdress:

Did you get any sweet deals from this week's sale?


  1. Seriously, I need you to dress me.

  2. Michelle, though I am certain you couldn't be more beautiful, a little Lyzi magic never hurt anyone! ;)

  3. I love this dress, just did my version of review on it because I didn't understand why not more people loving it. Hope you get the dress eventually and I'd love to hear about how you would style it.

  4. It looks great on you! I am totally following your blog now. :)

    Your daughter is adorable and she's the spitting image of her mama!