The study of a grown up girl who still loves playing dress up

The study of a grown up girl who still loves to play dress up

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Girlfriends, Cupcakes, and Awards

Hello, ladies and gents! I hope you all had a fabulous Wednesday! Due to the dreary weather we've been having, I've spent the majority of the last few days hanging at home. Luckily, one of my best girlfriends invited me out for cupcakes at the new cupcake shop in town, and I jumped at the chance to have a little friend time and a sweet treat. It's funny how that combination can easily brighten a grey day. :)

Not taken today, but if this woman isn't blog worthy, I don't know what it is!

During my blogging hiatus, I was kindly awarded a Versatile Blogger Award by the author of the overcaffeinated. Then just last week, I was again honored to learn that Inkmark of Objects of Desire had bestowed a Stylist Blogger Award upon me. Thanks to both of you for choosing Lyziologie! 

The rules of both these awards state that any recipient has to award them to other deserving blogs and share 7 tidbits about yourself.

The Versatile Blogger Awards (7) go to:


The Stylish Blogger Awards (15) go to:

Seven Things About Me

1. My siblings are much older than I. My sister and brother are 20 and 14 year older, respectively. We're all incredibly close. My sister lives with us and my brother visits every Saturday night.

2. After almost 11 years of togetherness, my husband still drives me mad. The way he looks, smells, his voice... To this day, my heart still skips a beat when I simply think of him. Anyone need a barf bag?

3. I have five cats. Really. I am honest to God cat lady. Two of them were a Mother's Day day gift two years ago. The other three walked into the office where my husband was working one early March morning last year. More accurately, two of them walked in and the last limped in. His leg was badly broken. Need I say more? Their names are: 

  • Penny Whiskers
  • Scout Whiskers
  • Iroh Deniro-Shapiro
  • Hiro Deniro-Shapiro
  • Mozart Deniro-Shapiro

4. I have three truly wonderful children. They are all intelligent, loving, and generally well-behaved. I couldn't be luckier to be their mother. Though it deeply disgusts me when people "label" their children, ("the smart one", "the pretty one", etc.) here are some things that make mine really special:

  • Adrian, age 9, is creative and introspective.
  • Eden, age 7, is helpful and self-assured.
  • Grant, age 5, is generous and thoughtful.

5.  My house has an in-law apartment and that's where my sister and parents live. I get along great with them and it's nice to have them so close. I honestly don't have one complaint about this living arrangement at all.

6. I love to cook. Almost all of the food my family eats is from scratch/homemade, because I am obsessed with knowing what's in the food we eat.

7. Growing up, I was incredibly spoiled. To begin, I'm my dad's only child. My siblings had jobs as far back as I can remember and are both just ridiculously generous human beings. My sister wanted me to have the nicest toys, and later on, the nicest clothes, shoes, hair cuts, etc. It was my sister who bought me my first Chanel lipstick...... at the ripe old age of 13.

Whew! I didn't mean for that to be so long! FINALLY, with no further ado, my OOTD:

Cardigan: J. Crew
Tights: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Aldo

Thanks for reading!


Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Belated Mother's Day

Hey, folks! I want to wish a very happy belated Mother's Day to all of the lovely moms reading this post! :)

I know I promised to post this weekend, but things got a little hectic. By hectic, I mean that I slept in on Saturday AND napped and then spent all of Sunday out for Mother's Day. My husband and children brought me to the new Anthropologie in Cranton, RI where I was originally hoping to find this:

There was only one in stock and it wasn't in my size. Major bummer. I did luck out when it came to sale finds though. Their sale room was well-stocked, particularly in my size. I tried on lots of cute dresses, skirts, and tops, but exercised *extreme restraint* and only brought home two items.

I now present  you with a shoddy photo of me wearing my brand new Paraiso Dress! I got soy sauce on it within its first hour of wear. Oops...

Cardigan: J. Crew
Dress: Anthropologie Paraiso Dress
Shoes: Payless (They're a blatant knock-off of these)

Thanks for reading! <3

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Love My Verite Dress

Hello, readers! Long time, no post, right? I have missed sharing my OOTDs and ramblings here. Hopefully now that the weather is nice I'll have lots of terrific outfit photos taken outdoors! :)

I am madly in love with my Verite Dress. I am so in love with it that I wore it for both my professional head shot and also for a fun pin-up photo shoot I did with my BFF.

Photography: Krystle Crossman of EpixStudios

Photography: Angie Chambers of Angie Chambers Design
Hair: Marcella Termini of Hollywood Ultra
Makeup: Erica Hellier of Hell's Belles Makeup Artistry

These pictures also display some of my best semi-recent shopping deals! I got the Verite Dress for less than $50 (originally $158) on ebay and the coveted Rensslaer T-Straps for a mere $40. They were originally marked at $148 and a great gal over at Roxy's Effortless Anthropologie Trade Market gave me a tip on a pair that she returned. As far as she and I both knew, the price had only been cut once to $80, so imagine my surprise when I looked at the receipt as I was unpacking my new shoes to find that they were only $40. Yesssss!

Tomorrow I'll be posting my OOTD and my Mother's Day wishlist. See you then!


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bright & Cheery OOTD

Hello readers! Today I posed for my OOTD photo in my backyard, despite the bone chilling wind. I think I made my pledge to take outdoor photos a tab prematurely!

Boots: Anthropologie Gilgarran Boots

Ideally, I wouldn't have paired these boots with this dress, but they were the closest to the door. I'm a really lazy dresser. I just wear whatever is clean and easily accessible. It takes me 15 minutes tops to get ready in the morning and that's child/husband related interruptions. Before children I was pretty high maintenance, but I've streamlined my routine over the years. ;)

I just entered to win a $100 Anthropologie gift card for at In Pursuit of Pretty Things! You should too! 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Why, Hello There!

It's been over a month since the last night I posted. It's been way too long! I've been busy with sick kiddos, skiiing kiddos, and kiddos on February vacation!

I've decided to start taking my OOTD pictures outdoors. The lighting in my house is pretty awful and it's a pain to try to get shots that are detailed enough to post. I only have Photoshop on the family computer downstairs in the basement, so it's essentially impossible to do any photo editing unless I want to freeze my tail off. ;)

Cardigan: Gap
Scarf: Gap
Belt: Anthropologie
Dress: Anthropologie Tiny Windows Dress
Boots: Anthropologie Gilgarran Boots

I'll now leave you with my favorite shot from the photoshoot I did on Sunday. It's up the agency which photos they choose, but I'm hoping they'll like this one:

Cardigan: Gap
Dress: Anthropologie Pom Shift Dress
Belt: Gap

Photography by Krystle Crossman
Makeup by Lora Parmenter

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Winter Ain't A Thang OOTD

Hi all! Sorry that I haven't been posting recently. One of my junior photographers broke the family camera taking self portraits of himself! The camera has finally been replaced and I'm eager to start posting here again. Today I'm wearing one of my easiest summer dresses... Winter ain't a thang!

Cardigan: Anthropologie Breezy Polkas Cardigan - $50.00
Dress: America Eagle - $30.00
Tights: George brand from Walmart - $4.00
Shoes: Nine West from Piperlime - $40.00?

I was anxiously waiting to file our taxes, thinking that I was going to treat myself to a nice little shopping spree afterward... until I learned that itemizers couldn't file until 2/14. Grr. A Boston shopping excursion is in the works, with stops at Anthropologie (of course), Kate Spade, and more... I also have about three pairs of Remix Vintage Shoes on my tax return wishlist and a Cleobella Mexicana Clutch. You know what? I'll make a separate post for my tax return wants. Hopefully it won't bore you to tears. ;)

I hope this post finds you all well. Thanks for reading!


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Loud Yellow Skirt OOTD

Hello dear readers! Today's outfit is pretty much entirely J. Crew, aside from my trusty Gilgarran boots. They are quickly becoming my favorite pair of boots. Speaking of favorites, I am wild for this yellow J. Crew skirt that I picked up on eBay about 3-4 years ago. It adds the perfect punch of color to an otherwise ordinary outfit.

Top: J. Crew - $30.00 (from eBay)
Skirt: J. Crew - $30.00 (from eBay)
Ski socks: Given to me by my sister
Boots: Anthropologie Gilgarran Boots  $95.00

Sorry that this post is so short, but I have guests arriving this evening and my house is a mess. There's much to do, much to do! I hope that all of you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baby, It's Gross Outside

Let me preface this post by saying that I have less grievances with the weather than your average human being. I really pride myself on being a bad ass New Englander. On this particular morning, I actually spent time doing my hair. A rarity. Unfortunately, I wasn't smart enough to check the weather report. I did this look, a braided headband with  "flirty curls". I used so much hairspray that the fumes/smell woke my husband up. I think he was asking for it, as he sleeps with his mouth open. Just sayin'.

As soon as I finished styling my hair, it rather predictably started snowing like crazy. I had to go out and pick up my kids from school and the walk from the car to the schoolyard completely destroyed my curls. I was wearing my trusty winter hat, so my braided headband was safe (or so I thought). This is my first year wearing a hat. I am still bad ass in my hat, but I'm now a bad ass who is also a good example for my children. ;) After school, we went straight to the city library. As we walked in the door, I lifted off my hat and DESTROYED my braided headband in the process. I loudly groaned in disappointment and a man actually laughed at me. All of this proves that I wasn't meant to have cute hair. I am clearly doomed to have perpetual bedhead. *Sigh*

Cardigan: Perfect-Fit Mixed-Tape Cardigan - $30.00
Dress: Anthropologie Oratory Dress - $50.00
Belt: Anthropologie Looping Lanes Belt - $15.00
Tights: Aldo - $12.00
Boots: Vince Camuto Karena Boots - $130.00

Monday, January 17, 2011

No Anthro OOTD :(

Hello readers! I hope those of you that have the day off today are enjoying it. Those of you who don't... Well, I'll have a cupcake for all of you! :)

I have always considered myself a person of above average creativity, but recently I have been bitten by the creativity bug. I've been seeing things in a completely different way. The clothes in my closet, the rooms in my house, ideas/projects that have been shelved due to a stalemate- I've been seeing new found potential in everything around me. It's a good feeling. No, it's more than a good feeling; it feels pretty friggin' amazing.

My OOTD is Anthropologie free! Boooooo!!! It does feature my beloved Rodarte for Target dress that I patiently stalked on eBay. I am obsessed with the top because I feel like a 1980's prom queen in it. That's a good thing if you're me. ;)

Dress: Rodarte for Target - $40.00
Belt: Gap Factory - Free with dress
Shoes: Aldo Kirwan - $38.00

I've noticed a lot of posts in list form in the Anthro blogging community, so I'm going to be a copycat and make one, too!

My Worst Habits

  1. Constantly leaving a trail of open cabinet doors and drawers all around my home
  2. Laughing at people when they are really angry
  3. Leaving both clean and dirty clothing on the floor
  4. Not culling my magazine pile often enough
  5. Leaving tops off of food items/beauty products
  6. Forgetting to reply to correspondence of all sorts (Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to my family in Florida!)
  7. Generally being a slob
Now that I've outed myself, maybe shame will compel me to make better choices! To recycle my Marie Claires, hang my clean clothes back up instead of throwing them on the floor, and not to laugh openly at my husband in the car as he rants that no one knows how to drive. Besides him, of course. Now if only I could stop myself from humming "King of the Road" when he does this. ;)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Super Sad Super True Sunday OOTD

Good evening, readers! Today my outfit consists of one of my favorite dresses. I can't decide if I love it more because it fits beautifully or because it makes me look like the Hamburglar. P.S. My lack of a belt is clearly a harbinger of end times: Y/N? 

Cardigan: J. Crew Traversa Cardigan - $21.00
Dress: Anthropologie Monochromatic Corset Dress from eBay - $40.00
Tights: George brand from Walmart - $5.00
Shoes: Aldo Botkins - $30.00
Flower: Hollywood Ultra - Gift for attending a Pin Up Hair 101 class

This weekend wasn't the greatest. My husband literally worked all weekend without a break and my brother (who raised me and is my best friend) was hit by a drunk driver and suffered a broken leg. Super sad, super true story! I've been doing a lot around the house in an attempt to keep my mind busy, but the bluey blues crack my strong veneer every once in a while. 

Don't mind the exceptionally low quality of most of my photos. I'm not a photographer. I'm just a girl with a camera (and a blog)! 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Autumnal Toned OOTD

I purchased this dress from Anthropologie Treasurebox last spring and wore it to death over the summer. It's 100% silk and has an easy bohemian inspired style to it. I paid $20 for it brand new, but it originally retailed for $60. I'm chuckling right now over the fact that I won't even pay full price for a Target dress. ;)

If you haven't already, you really should check out out Anthro Treasurebox. Thrifting extraordinaire Sara finds fab items from Anthropologie, J. Crew, and more from LA area thrift shops and lists them for sale at incredible prices. Go now!

Cardigan: Anthropologie Breezy Polkas Cardigan - $50.00
Dress: Anna Sui for Target - $20.00
Belt: Anthropologie Checkerboard Belt - $10.00
Tights: Kohl's - $.62 (My sister gave me her Kohl's Cash)
Shoes: American Eagle - $10.00
Flower: Hollywood Ultra - Gift for attending a Pin Up Hair 101 class

Since I woke up this morning migraine free and feeling renewed,  I'm now off to clean, clean, clean until I can't clean anymore! I hope this post finds everyone having a happy and relaxed weekend!


Friday, January 14, 2011

TGIF! Even If It Feels Like Wednesday...

My whole week has been messed up due to the snow day the kids had on Wednesday. I'm in disbelief that tomorrow is Saturday, but the weekend is welcome nonetheless. I currently have a massive migraine and am looking forward to sleeping in as long as possible tomorrow morning.

I was laughing in most of the pictures I took tonight because my daughter told me that my eyes were closed in all of them. I'm very naive, so I believed the little prankster! Laughing with her reset my mood (which wasn't great, due to the migraine) and relieved some of the stress I've been feeling recently. My kids all have great senses of humor and time and again they save me from taking life too seriously. :)

Cardigan: Anthropologie Dwarf Quince Cardigan - $31.00
Dress: Anthropologie Vappu Dress - $50.00
Belt: Anthropologie Buckled Cummerbund Belt - $20.00
Tights: George brand from Walmart - $5.00
Boots: Vince Camuto Fivvy Boots - $126.00

Please forgive my wrinkly dress. I have a terrible, terrible habit of taking midday naps with the husband and wrinkling my pretty clothes. With the migraine today, I was completely couch bound until my Advil kicked in a minute ago, thus adding to my wrinkleage.

Bonus picture!

Me petting a cat with LASER EYES! I wish I'd lint rolled that thread off my booty, but oh well... 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tartan Rose Tieback: Winterized

...By "winterized" I mean that I threw a cardigan over it... during the winter. ;) Pay no mind to my scrubby unwashed hair or snow boots!!!

Top: Anthropologie Tartan Rose Tieback - $50.00
Jeans: American Eagle {Similar} - $17.00
Ski socks: Given to me by my sister - Free
Snow boots: Sorel from - $99.00

The cold weather and snowy conditions outside are making me revert into winter homebody mode. My night will consist of drinking lots of mint tea, baking chocolate chip cookies, and making a tummy warming home cooked dinner for my babies. Ideally, I would also be organizing my closet (AKA the most deplorable closet in the history of closets) but I probably won't. My sister bought me an electric blanket and that has completely curtailed this homemaker's productivity. The combination of electric blanket + cartoons is very, very dangerous! Even Whoopi thinks so!

Stay warm!

<3 Lyzi

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy To Be Warm OOTD

Hey there! Today was a stressful day. A huge snowstorm is coming and our furnace decided that it wanted to sh*t the bed this morning. The repairman just left my house and finally, after a day of bitterly cold temperatures, WE HAVE HEAT! I couldn't be happier!

Sweater: American Eagle - $25.00
Skirt: Anthropologie Alena Skirt - $50.00
Belt: Anthropologie Fromage Et Pain Belt - $15.00
Tights: American Eagle - $12.00
Boots: Anthropologie Gilgarran Boots - $95.00

About a week ago, I emailed customer service and politely mentioned that I didn't receive a birthday discount last month. They sent me a discount card for January and offered to reimburse me 15% (equivalent to the birthday discount) from my last order, so I scored these boots for only $95 after all was said and done. Yesss!

It looks like tomorrow is going to be a snow day for my kids! I'm planning on building a slope for sledding in our yard. All we need now are sleds! :P

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ski Mom OOTD

Hey y'all! I hope everyone is having a great New Year so far. Today my older kids had ski lessons and I made the impractical clothing choice of a dress. Interestingly, I wasn't cold as it was a warm 35 degrees here in Southern NH. Plus, impractical or not, I needed to break out the brand new Reed Shirtdress I acquired through Roxy's Effortless Anthropologie Trade Market! I have been lusting after this dress for a whole year.

Cardigan: J. Crew - $21.00
Dress: Anthropologie Reed Shirtdress $85.00
Belt: Looping Lanes Belt - $15.00
Tights: Simply Vera from Kohl's - $.62 
Boots: Vince Camuto Karena Boots - $129.99

I'm totally in love with this dress. I love the vintage silhouette, and the fact that it also has a slightly shorter hemline than most vintage inspired dresses/skirts. It should be noted that I'm not really super jacked in real life; the sleeves of my dress are bunched up under my cardigan. ;) 

Unfortunately, I am not as in love with my new boots. They are the third pair of brown boots I've ordered in the past month (I returned the first two) and I'm losing hope that I'll ever find boots with shafts that fit my calves perfectly. I'm keeping them because they are definitely high quality boots that I got at a steal and the roomy calf area isn't noticeable in jeans. They're also undeniably gorgeous.

I got two sweet deals on popbacks from my Anthro wishlist last week:

Paid $37. Original price was $98.

Purchased for $112. Originally sold for $268.

Did anyone else snag any great after Christmas deals? Did anyone make a New Year's resolution to shop less? ;)