The study of a grown up girl who still loves playing dress up

The study of a grown up girl who still loves to play dress up

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy To Be Warm OOTD

Hey there! Today was a stressful day. A huge snowstorm is coming and our furnace decided that it wanted to sh*t the bed this morning. The repairman just left my house and finally, after a day of bitterly cold temperatures, WE HAVE HEAT! I couldn't be happier!

Sweater: American Eagle - $25.00
Skirt: Anthropologie Alena Skirt - $50.00
Belt: Anthropologie Fromage Et Pain Belt - $15.00
Tights: American Eagle - $12.00
Boots: Anthropologie Gilgarran Boots - $95.00

About a week ago, I emailed customer service and politely mentioned that I didn't receive a birthday discount last month. They sent me a discount card for January and offered to reimburse me 15% (equivalent to the birthday discount) from my last order, so I scored these boots for only $95 after all was said and done. Yesss!

It looks like tomorrow is going to be a snow day for my kids! I'm planning on building a slope for sledding in our yard. All we need now are sleds! :P


  1. Those boots look so nice and you know how I feel about a discount! Are they comfy, too?

  2. nice boots! I love the color combination, so soft and romantic.

  3. Your winterized version of the Alena skirt is so lovely -- it looks fantastic with your boots and tights. Glad the furnace issue is fixed -- these are NOT the days to be having a temperamental furnace!

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  4. @Bethany: They're comfy and a great fit- TTS.

    @Inkmark: Thanks so much. :)

    @Jamie: Thank you! I was so grateful to wake up to a warm home this morning, especially since we're mid-blizzard right now! We just bought a snowblower this week, so it's really the little things in life that count!

  5. Those boots are stunners! I love how you wore the Alena here, and I'm totally inspired to bust mine out soon! Glad your furnace was fixed and I hope you and the kids enjoyed the snow today - my boys were building forts for hours!

  6. Thanks, Jan! I'm in love with them. :)

    The kids and I stayed in today! They had skiing yesterday and then we came home to a cold house... So I think they had their fill of being cold! Tomorrow I'm building our slope. ;)

  7. You look gorgeous! The boots are amazing, and also look like they'd keep you warm, too.

    Hooray for heat! I can't even imagine living in a snowy place with no heat, that'd be awful! And another hooray for nice Anthro customer service!

  8. Thanks, Amy! They are warm- I stood in the snow watching the kids ski for a little while and my feet never got cold... I do wear wool socks though. ;)

    I have always gotten exceptional customer service from Anthro. The only issue I personally have with them is quality control. :/

  9. I got the same boots and keep debating to keep them or not. I am not sure if I can pull them off with work/office clothes.
    You look adorable!