The study of a grown up girl who still loves playing dress up

The study of a grown up girl who still loves to play dress up

Friday, December 3, 2010

Birthday Eve OOTD

It's the eve of my 28th birthday! I'm just like a kid; I love birthdays. Instead of being excited like I normally would be I'm unusually stressed. Tomorrow, I have a "model workshop" for the majority of the day  and there is an electrician coming at an undetermined time and my house is complete disarray. I will probably be up all night cleaning, including the storage areas that aren't normally seen by regular guests. Personally, I am a slob, but my dear husband is the Felix to my Oscar.

Speaking of dears, I got my Lynx & Leo Dress from my dear friend, Bethany, yesterday. It is so much more incredible in person than I could have imagined. The photos on the Anthro's site didn't do it justice and mine don't either. Check out how I wore it today!

Cardigan: J. Crew - $60.00
Dress: Anthropologie Lynx & Leo Dress - $20.00
Belt: J. Crew - $25.00
Tights: Charlotte Russe - $7.00
Shoes: Charlotte Russe - $10.00

I'm not really doing a pee pee dance, I'm just a terrible model. Hopefully I will learn a thing or two from the modeling workshop tomorrow! To clarify, I am NOT a model model. I am only 5'3" - 5'4". I am mainly participating to benefit from the photo movement segment of the workshop, as I am interesting in doing some commercial print modeling. 

If I look totally disheveled that is because I take midday naps in my day clothes with no regard to how I will look later on... Clearly, I am an A+ adult and upstanding citizen of this fine community! :P

I'll post tomorrow with my OOTD debuting my Drifting By Dress that has been hanging in my closet since I bought it in August. I can't friggin' wait!

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  1. IT LOOKS SO GOOD ON YOU!!!! Best friend move yet, right?