The study of a grown up girl who still loves playing dress up

The study of a grown up girl who still loves to play dress up

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Too Early For An OOTD OOTD

I have a lot of things to accomplish before the weekend, but I still wanted to hit you with my OOTD

Sweater: Gap - $40.00
Dress: Anthropologie Dagmar Shirtdress - $42.00 
Belt: Anthropologie Infinity Belt - $20
Tights: George brand from Walmart - $4.00
Boots: Aldo - $50
Bracelet: Boston Red Sox Silly Band - Free, as it was given to me by my daughter

As you can see, I got an incredible deal on my Dagmar Shirtdress! The manager at my local store gave me 30% off for a faint stain that was on the garment. I was certain that the offending spot would wash out easily, so I was as pleased as my mom on Social Security day! The original price was $148. That same shopping trip also rendered another 30% off my Two Wheeler Shirtdress. I was over the friggin' moon. I also got the boots that I'm wearing on what I call "super clearance".

Apparently, I'm feeling more smug than usual about my thriftiness this morning. *Smirk*

Snag any good deals lately?


  1. I snagged a deal on the Lynx and Leo for you. Does that count? Probably not. :/

    I bought a lamp for $6.50 today. Does that count? Probably not.